Surf’s Up

Sometimes I get bored at work. My work isn’t boring…but sometimes there is just less to do. I need to be constantly challenged…HAH! So I decided to do another Cat piece. I still don’t really have a back story about her. But I think; the more I draw her, the more attributes she gets. And every attribute is an adventure of some sort.

So here is my sketch
cat design2schets

Of course I drew the legs too long. But yeah. That’s my handicap, normally I think: Ooh, long legs look nice. But then I shorten the legs (just a little) and the new proportions make the character look better. although as with all my pieces. I like my drawing, then put it away. Look at it again a few days later and…BAM! It’s a piece of sh*t. Maybe that’s a good thing. Meaning I still have a lot to learn.

cat designmi

I kept this one piece nice and sketchy. Just because I’m too lazy at the moment. Hehe.


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