Sketchy two


So as said: more updates in 2016. Above is a new version of Cat. A friend of S8i. A girl who hangs around a lot with this guy. Same girl by the way. A couple of weeks ago I looked at Thomas Romain’s work in Oban Star Racers. And decided to add the braces as an homage, just like Molly. As I am doing currently with S8i; I should also make some sort of modelsheet for this character. I don’t really have a lot of background information on Cat yet. And I think that’s a good thing. The less I know, the more she can remain a bit of a mistery. I don’t know where she comes from, who her parents are or what her goal is. I only know she’s been in ‘jail’.


4 thoughts on “Sketchy two”

    1. GIMP. you can download it here:

      It’s a cool open-source paint tool.

      On contributing my voice. I don’t really understand everything to be honest. Can you tell me more about the project? But you misunderstand: I’m not English. I’m Dutch.


      1. Ok I will. Right now I’m in charge to translate that into a PDF and send to some friends that can speak English so please reach me out at and I will return to you as soon the PDF is finished with the post properly translated (it is going to happen today at night in Brazil, probably you’ll be seeing this tomorrow on your inbox.


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