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Seighti Roadtrip Pre Alfa

There is a lot to say about this one. I followed a tutorial by Imphenzia but am more and more convinced I should make the real thing in Unreal. Probably my meshes are a bit rough around the edges, but there are just to many thing I want to do which seem to be impossible.

As a start tho this seems alright. I learned a lot about game physics, mechanics and unterface design. Also I am learning more and more about the narrative for the game, and the level of detail I want to reach….it’s a lot higher than this.

This is a quick and dirty set up. Just see the floating rocks, trees and lack of water. Maybe I will put these later in the scene. But for now I have to move on to the animatics.

Storyboarding the Roofs

Not much to say this time. I tried to make a storyboard – untill this now is still the first scene. It will probably be altered several times before…I make it into an animatic. But for now this is it.