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Decided to make a fan-art-piece. I’m stepping somewhat out of my comfortzone by drawing a character designed by somebody else. But this is somewhat of an experiment. First of all I kinda like the characters from Guardians of the Galaxy. Secondly I’m trying to generate some more traffic to my website.

gamora, guardians of the galaxy

Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy colored

Made this one with Gimp, version 2.8. You can get the colored line effect by duplicating the line-art layer and colorizing it (top menu, color, colorize). You will see that all the line turn into a single color. In my case green for the hair. Then use the eraser tool to erase all the green parts, where you want to see black. Repeat the process for all the different colors.

I never read the Guardians comics. But the artwork looks outstanding! A very clear and fluid style. It looks like a combination of the ‘clear line’ and traditinal comicbookwork. I know I didn’t really emulate this technique, I dare not to wander outside of my comfortzone.

You can find the book I read here, but it’s in Dutch.

Maybe I’ll make some other stuff based on other’s work. Any suggestions?