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Seighti Roadtrip Pre Alfa

There is a lot to say about this one. I followed a tutorial by Imphenzia but am more and more convinced I should make the real thing in Unreal. Probably my meshes are a bit rough around the edges, but there are just to many thing I want to do which seem to be impossible.

As a start tho this seems alright. I learned a lot about game physics, mechanics and unterface design. Also I am learning more and more about the narrative for the game, and the level of detail I want to reach….it’s a lot higher than this.

This is a quick and dirty set up. Just see the floating rocks, trees and lack of water. Maybe I will put these later in the scene. But for now I have to move on to the animatics.

Seighti game feel test

I tried to make a first impression video of what a Seighti game could be. The game is not going to be a simple racing game, that would not fit the IP. Nor will it be an openworld game similar to the GTA games (way too much violence). But it’s going to be something with a lot of narrative. A Small-Press comic-game.

Right now I’m testing different game engines. And of course it’s a Unity versus Unreal thing.

The mock-up seen above is all made by Blender 2.82. A very very very cool, free, program made right here in The Netherlands. I learned how to make this in about a week’s time, next to my normal day-job. And by now I found a couple of workflow improvements. It will take me just 1 /12th of the time to make this now compared to when I actually made this.

Seeing what I want to achieve I’m guessing my choice will be Unreal. But I’m not sure yet. Unity is very intuitive. I’ve been looking at Lumberyard and Godot as well. Amazone’s Lumberyard is just way to heavy (it took around 8 hours just to install the beast). And Godot seems to be better for lighter games, or even 2d platforming. See below:

game engine test GODOT

I liked the experience of making this in GODOT. But there I leave it. At this moment I have no intention of continuing this ‘game’. Mostly because I started this without a clear goal.

There are some complications with blender/unity though. For example I don’t know how to keep my Blender colors one-to-one. The roof in this one is simply white.

But when importing the fbx file in unity, The roofcolor shifts to:

Notice that all the white has changed into a greenish color. I do like the grey shift into brownish…so I won’t complain about that. But the roof has to be white, or more of an off-white color.

In the end I hope I can make the low poly version look a bit like this. That will require me having a bit more knowledge of Unity I guess.

Hope you enjoyed my post. And please tell me what you want to see next time.

s8i Game – part one

I wanted to do something different. Untill now I’ve been drawing concepts and learning how to model in blender. But I wanted to try my hand at animation, interactive animation. I found GODOT. It’s a very accessible entry-program to game development.

Link to GODOT download site.

It’s really cool to type text, click on compile, and make something happen. Like a character walking, jumping or teleporting to a different scene. I followed some tutorials and all of them recommended to get some moving sprites of the internet. Well…I didn’t:

beta run color1

Because I tried to animate Seighti I couldn’t just pick a walk cycle from the web.

I started with a Muybridge like drawing in which all the different poses can be seen on the same ‘cell’. WalkcycleAll

…to be continued

Multi Purpose

For my oldest friend I promised I would make a couple of designs for his game. I never really came around to it. But this evening I had some time. So I started working on the first of in total six designs.


I sketched these out in my sketchbook and redrew them in blender. I use multiple layers, every time I add a layer and some more detail.


I actually really like to draw robots. So decided I maybe should use these (this is only the first of three) in my own ‘production’ as well. That’s the reason I’m showing these designs here. This robot was developed and manufactured in the same company the other robot here was made. Namely Orqa. This is just a quick render. The final piece should have more weathering/shadows and whutnots.


This is the robot’s opponent. A human. Her gun is still missing, Cause I noticed I’m lousy at drawing weapons (maybe because I don’t really like them).

If you are interested in Emiel’s work (my oldest friend) click here to visit his website.


Last week I had a lot of problems with my computer…No internet. So no weekly update. I’ll make it up this week.


This robot has some surprises which I’m not willing to disclose just yet. I designed this character with two purposes in mind. The first one being of course; to develop the S8i-storyline. The second purpose is to design a token for a game my oldest friend developed. A really cool two-player game, simple to set up, but with a lot of strategic possibilities. I need to create 3 different robots. The head will be a little bit more menacing than this one…but the general idea will be the same.


Same robot, this time colored. It’s in a desert outfit….nothing more really I want to say about him (or her) at this point.