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Reference material IKEA

OK, I hope you understand I’m not a master animator, or even a professional one. This is just a hobby. I try to get better every time. So most of my posts will consist of my practice work.

Reference material
Reference material is a must, so every week I’ll put some pictures online. Next to these pictures I’ll upload some sketches. It’s really cool to design a post apocalyptic world, this new world is not necessarily an evil or bad world. It’s just different. There are hints to the one we are used to live in, but the occupants are more or less oblivious to the previous societies.


Above is a picture of a standard IKEA. I wanted to see what this store would look like after several hundreds years of ‘botanic abuse’. So in my first altered version I just added some sketched plants. As seen below. 20150812_1452553

In my last sketch I put some extra lines. So to make it easier for me to see the building in reference to the characters. In the end I will probably not have a mix of real live photography and sketches. But make a blender3D/GIMP 2D drawn background blend.20150812_1452552

Hope you enjoy.